Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been recognized as the ultimate do-it-all device. If you’re a creative individual who enjoys drawing, taking notes, and capturing stunning photos on the go, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the perfect choice for you. Even if you simply want the biggest phone available, the Note 10 Plus won’t disappoint. In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive review of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus to help you determine if it meets your requirements.

The Price

When it comes to pricing, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus starts at $1,099 for the 256GB version (£999 / AU$1,699). Alternatively, you have the option to upgrade to the 512GB model for $1,199.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus review: design

Getting a secure grip on the behemoth Note 10 Plus can be a challenge due to its size and potential slipperiness. With a streamlined screen that features a small punch-hole camera, the Note 10 Plus had to forgo the inclusion of the IR scanner found in its predecessors, the Note 9 and Note 8, for a quick and secure face unlock. Instead, it now boasts an impressive ultra-sonic in-screen fingerprint sensor, which serves as an excellent substitute. The technology has certainly improved since the S10 Plus.

This year’s Note also sees a reduction in buttons. The power button has been relocated to the left side, merged with the much-maligned Bixby button. While Bixby remains a rather mediocre voice assistant, the power button’s new position may take some getting used to. However, the new ‘everything’ button makes accidental presses of the power button less likely, ultimately proving to be a good move.

On the downside, the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack is absent, making way for a USB-C port that allows you to connect the USB-C headphones included with the phone. Change was inevitable.

The Display


Just like its predecessor, the Note 10 Plus continues Samsung’s legacy of offering one of the finest displays on the market. This isn’t surprising, considering Samsung’s position as the leading AMOLED manufacturer worldwide.

The Note 10 Plus features a brilliant Dynamic AMOLED display. It boasts vibrant colors without being overly saturated, and you even have the option to select a “vivid” color profile if you prefer a punchier look. HDR 10 and HDR+ certification provide enhanced details in both shadows and highlights when viewing HDR content. This means that even in the darkest of scenes, such as an episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll be able to discern much more.

Despite its massive size of 6.8 inches, the phone surprisingly doesn’t feel unwieldy. Samsung has also equipped the Note 10 Plus with the same ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor found in the Galaxy S10 series, offering improved accuracy compared to its predecessor.

The Cameras


The rear camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus remains largely unchanged from the Galaxy S10 Plus. It comprises wide, standard, and telephoto lenses, providing you with a considerable amount of versatility when taking photos. The new camera array placement is worth noting, as it eliminates the issue of your index finger obstructing wide shots.

The overall camera quality of the Note 10 Plus is comparable to that of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Colors are impressive, and HDR is now more subtle. Unlike the Galaxy S10 Plus, which tended to aggressively adjust shadows and blacks in every shot, the Note 10 Plus achieves a better balance of contrast.

The wide camera lens is incredibly versatile, offering a wider field of view compared to most smartphone cameras. However, this wider perspective does come with some noticeable distortion.

The standard camera lens delivers sharp images with accurate colors. Additionally, it boasts the widest potential aperture among the three lenses.

The telephoto lens has also seen improvements, likely a result of software enhancements. It provides impressive sharpness, which is somewhat rare for telephoto lenses on smartphones.

As an added bonus, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes with a “Depth Vision” camera primarily used for creating 3D models of objects.

The front-facing camera on the Note 10 Plus is exceptional, capturing sharp images with vibrant colors. Its dynamic range is also commendable and, in my opinion, surpasses the rear cameras’ performance.

In conclusion, this Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus review aims to provide you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision before purchasing this remarkable device.

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