How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device

Wireless communications are convenient if you have a Bluetooth-capable device. There are occasions, though, when you might not want to maintain a connection and decide to disconnect and forget a device. When Bluetooth connections have problems and you need to reconnect the two devices, you could also forget.

Sometimes you might mistakenly click “Forget,” and now you want to reconnect so you can keep using the wireless connection. Learn more by reading this article about How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device

1. How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device on iPhone

The simplest answer for How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device is to reset the network settings. You have to reset your phone to get the forgotten device back because your device doesn’t have an obvious button that lets you do so. The procedure is straightforward, allowing you to back up your data and merely reverse any recent changes you may have made to your settings.

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device

You must go to Settings >> General on your iPhone in order to unforget a device. You can choose “Reset” from a list of alternatives located here. Reset all settings, reset contact settings, and reset network settings are just a few of the options available under the reset tab.

Select Reset Network Settings from the list of options. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to reset all of your network settings. The reset procedure will begin when you confirm.

Your Bluetooth and WiFi will be reset, which could take a few seconds, and restore their default settings. You can reconnect your Bluetooth device in this manner.

Following the reset procedure, your screen will first display the Apple logo before becoming black. After a brief return of the Apple logo, your regular screen will show up. You may be certain that the reset procedure is finished when the phone displays your home menu.

The system will load up all the information you forgot, including the device you left behind, as it restarts. Now you can see if the misplaced item has been returned.

Open Settings >> Bluetooth on your iPhone by pressing the Home button. You can view a list of prior connections made by devices, including the one you misplaced.

You can search for available devices and reconnect the device if it does not show up on the list of previously connected devices. Your phone won’t remember to forget the device, so after scanning it will easily locate it.

2. How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device on Android.

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device

Android phones do not have an “Unforget” button as the iPhone does. The phone will not display a device in the list of Bluetooth devices if you have forgotten it.
In order to solve How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device, you must restore the network settings in order to unforget the device. To accomplish that, go to Settings on your phone and scroll down to “System.” You should reset the phone using the “Reset Options” found on the System menu.

Click Options Reset. DRM Reset, Reset App Preferences, Reset All System Settings, Factory Data Reset, and Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth are just a few of the options available here. Select “Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth” and then click “Confirm” in the following window.

Your device will ask you for the password to start the reset procedure after you confirm. You’ll receive a notification that the settings have been reset. You never have to wait even a few seconds for the process to complete.

Your Android won’t retrieve the list of all the devices you forgot after the reset. Instead, it enables you to make a new connection to these devices. After the reset, look through the available device list to find them and connect to them.

You have to find an alternative if your gadget still won’t connect. Try the following choices:

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device


  • Turn on and off Bluetooth and your devices.

You should try turning your device off and back on if it still won’t connect after you’ve reset the network settings. You can use this straightforward troubleshooting method to address minor software issues with any device.

Depending on the equipment you use, the procedure is simple. To turn off the iPhone, hold down the power button while swiping the button that appears on the screen. After the iPhone shuts down, let it a few seconds to cool before pressing and holding the power button once again to turn it back on. You can attempt to connect to your device once your iPhone has started.

To restart an Android device, hold down the power button while swiping up on the screen. Enter your password to turn on the phone after allowing it to turn off and on again. See whether it works by trying to rejoin the Bluetooth devices.

  • Restart the device’s pairing mode after turning it off.

Sometimes a simple software issue prevents your device from connecting, which can be the cause of the problem. By turning on device pairing, turning it off, and then turning it back on, you may prevent that from happening. Your device should connect without any significant problems after completing this troubleshooting step.

The majority of Bluetooth devices contain a button or switch that you can use to connect them to other devices. Find the switch or button on your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or earbuds and turn to pair on and off. Wait for roughly 30 seconds after turning off pairing before turning it back on.

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