How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera? Here is our detailed guide

An Overview of the Simplisafe Camera

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera

If you’re looking for a hassle-free, do-it-yourself home security system, SimpliSafe is a strong contender. Their packages often include the original SimpliCam security camera, which offers peace of mind with its limited but essential features. Now, SimpliSafe has introduced the new SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera, a wireless and weatherproof option that brings video surveillance outside for the first time. In this hands-on review, we’ll explore how to set up the Simplisafe Camera and discuss its performance.

How to Set Up the Simplisafe Camera

The installation process for the brand-new SimpliSafe outdoor camera is straightforward, similar to its indoor counterpart. You’ll be glad to know that the construction is easy and uncomplicated, with no complicated or delicate parts to deal with. From unboxing the camera to mounting it on the wall, everything was smooth and hassle-free. Before getting started, it’s important to check if the battery needs to be charged. I charged the battery and USB adapter indoors while preparing for the installation.

It took approximately two hours for the battery to charge fully, indicated by the three flashing lights. This charging time was comparable to the Reolink Argus 2 camera, which is also battery-powered. However, there is a significant difference between SimpliSafe and the Reolink cameras I tested. With SimpliSafe, the battery is detachable, allowing for easier charging. On the other hand, the Reolink camera requires plugging the USB cord directly into the camera, making it inconvenient and requiring occasional climbing for charging.

During the battery charging process, I familiarized myself with the magnetic dome-shaped mounting bracket. I found the bracket to be secure yet flexible, allowing me to adjust the camera’s position and angle even before the battery was fully charged. The camera can be easily mounted anywhere using the two supplied screws and the bracket. If you’re new to home security, don’t worry. Despite being experienced with DIY cameras, I found the installation process straightforward. However, for detailed guidance, you can refer to my comprehensive security camera installation guide.

After mounting the camera body and securing the bracket, you may encounter a few challenges. But fear not, SimpliSafe provides solutions that are always within reach. Proper camera placement is crucial for optimal performance. Positioning the camera too far from the base station or Wi-Fi router can lead to connectivity issues. The recommended distance is six to eight feet. If the camera seems unresponsive after placement, you may need to reposition it until you achieve the desired performance. These adjustments are part of the standard installation process and should not significantly prolong the setup. Strong Wi-Fi or the use of a range extender can mitigate these issues. And that’s all there is to setting up the Simplisafe Camera!


SimpliSafe has gained popularity among various demographics, including renters, homeowners, students, retirees, and security enthusiasts. However, the lack of a dedicated outdoor camera in SimpliSafe’s lineup was apparent. With the release of the SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera, the company has addressed this demand, offering an excellent outdoor device that can withstand the elements. While there are other security cameras available in the market, SimpliSafe’s reputation as a trusted company adds to the allure of their new outdoor camera. Whether you’re already using SimpliSafe or considering their products, this camera is a valuable addition to your home security setup. Thank you for reading and I hope this article has provided a comprehensive guide on how to set up the Simplisafe Camera.

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