How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera? Here is our detailed guide

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera? SimpliSafe is a tough competitor for hassle-free, simple DIY home security. Many SimpliSafe packages include their original SimpliCam security camera, which has a few functions but offers significant peace of mind. Now, SimpliSafe has released the brand-new, wireless, weatherproof SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera, bringing video surveillance outside for the first time.

Like the inexpensive interior SimpliCam, the outdoor camera has only a few basic features. But in many other ways, it also builds upon its indoor sister. I recently obtained a SimpliSafe outdoor camera and subjected it to our exacting and comprehensive battery of testing. It’s time to discuss those conclusions in our most recent hands-on review. Is SimpliSafe’s the exterior camera their best invention so far? Let’s explore to find out How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera?

An overview of Simplisafe Camera

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera

You’ll like SimpliSafe Outdoor if you currently have a SimpliSafe home security system installed or if you want to buy one. But I don’t suggest this camera if you don’t use SimpliSafe. The first thing you need to be aware of regarding this gadget is that it can only be used with the SimpliSafe alarm system.

To set up and access the camera’s live stream at any time on your phone using the SimpliSafe app, you’ll at the very least need a SimpliSafe base station. And if you subscribe to cloud video, you may use all the functions of this camera, including viewing pre-recorded clips and getting motion alerts. Therefore, in addition to the new outdoor camera’s $169 price tag, you’ll probably have to pay at least a few dollars every month. Just something to be aware of. Now, we move to How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera in the next part.

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera?

The brand-new SimpliSafe outdoor camera is really simple to install, just like the SimpliCam, which I recently evaluated. You can be confident you’re not working with complicated or tiny pieces because of their¬†easy construction. Everything was easy and uncomplicated, from taking the camera out of the package to mounting it on my wall. Any battery-powered camera should be located first to determine whether it needs to be charged (like we did when we reviewed the Ring Spotlight Battery). I dug up the battery and USB adapter for SimpliSafe Outdoor and charged them inside the home before starting the installation.

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera

It took the battery roughly two hours to fully charge (the three flashing lights on the battery are an easy indicator). This was comparable to how long it took to charge the battery-operated Reolink Argus 2 camera when I tested it. But here’s where SimpliSafe and the Reolink cameras I tested differ significantly: the Reolink’s battery isn’t detachable. To charge the battery, you must plug the USB cord directly into the camera, which required me to climb up and down every two to three months or so. Since I’m just 5 feet tall, have shaky hands, and don’t much like ladders, that’s not great, to be honest.

As a result, I made use of the flexibility I had with SimpliSafe Outdoor. I disassembled the device while I waited for the battery to fully charge and located where the battery would go. How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera is really simple, right? I also examined the magnetic dome-shaped mounting bracket for the camera. I was certain that the gadget would be secure yet movable because it hooks on firmly to the camera. I could spin the camera around with the base attached so I could try out various viewpoints and angles or focus on a single target even before the battery was fully charged.

I loved that the camera could be mounted anywhere with just two screws and the supplied bracket. This stage wasn’t difficult for me because I’ve used DIY cameras before. However, for extra advice, if you’re new to home security, see my in-depth security camera installation guide. I then disassembled the bracket and used the bottom of the bracket as a guide to drill those two (very) tiny screws into the wall next to my house’s garage door. I then put the camera body in place and sealed the mounting bracket.

How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera

The situation may become a little more complicated at this point, but don’t worry, SimpliSafe ensures that the solution is always within reach. The location of the majority of the best wireless security cameras is quite important. If the camera is positioned too far from the necessary base station or Wi-Fi router, it may occasionally perform poorly. The recommended maximum distance is six to eight feet4; if you are farther away, you risk having trouble loading the camera’s live stream and setting up motion-activated movies.

Another possibility is that after putting the camera in one spot, you’ll discover it is completely unresponsive and need to reposition it. It’s a routine procedure that necessitates some trial and error, but it shouldn’t significantly lengthen the installation process. Additionally, if your Wi-Fi is strong and/or you are using a range extender, you might not even experience these problems. So that is all the ways How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera.


SimpliSafe began as a favorite of renters and college students, but it didn’t take long for the company to win over homeowners, businesses, people who live in apartments, retirees, and home security fans in general. The lack of a specific outside camera in SimpliSafe’s lineup had been relatively obvious over time. Even with the provided silicone weather-protection sleeve, its lone camera proved unable to defend itself against Mother Nature’s wrath.

SimpliSafe has now responded to the request, and the end product is an excellent outdoor device that won’t fail you when it counts. Did it make me fall to my knees? Actually, no. But a portion of that can be attributed to the fact that many other reputable security companies provide products that can perform similarly to this camera and do so for the same or less money. But neither of those other brands depends on a whole home security system to function. With a reputable company like SimpliSafe, the new outside camera can’t really go wrong. I hope this article can guide you on How To Set Up Simplisafe Camera, thank you for reading!

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