How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras- 6 Easy Steps

The best security cameras available are made by Arlo, and installation is simple. This article will guide How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras in six simple steps like an expert, let’s follow us.

1. The first step in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras is Download the Arlo App

Download the Arlo App

  • Download the Arlo App on App Store or Google Play

Setting up the camera is made possible via the Arlo app, which also guides you through the setup procedure. A camera cannot be installed without the app. Create an account after downloading the app, then start adding your first camera by selecting a model from the list.

  • Utilize a web browser to access your Arlo account

You can control your cameras through the Arlo Web Portal in a web browser once you’ve configured them in the Arlo app. For those who require a larger screen, the portal offers an improved alternative and functions similarly to the app.

2. The second step in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras is to Turn on the camera

  • Models without wires: Place and charge the battery

Follow the directions for placing the battery in the camera housing when setting up a wire-free Arlo camera. To avoid placing the battery upside down, it features grooves on the bottom.

How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras

Close the camera’s casing after installing the battery, then check the front LED. Connect the light to the supplied charging cord if it is amber in color. You can skip charging and go on to the next stage of How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras if the light is blinking blue.
  • Find a retailer for wired models.
Arlo cameras that are wired must be placed within 6 feet of an outlet. For wireless devices, you can purchase additional power cords in lengths of 8 and 25 feet. Arlo additionally offers solar panel chargers for its outdoor cameras.
  • Supplying power to Arlo video doorbells

It is necessary to switch off your doorbell circuit, remove the old button, and connect the cables to the new Arlo doorbell in order for the wired and wireless Arlo Video Doorbell models to work with your doorbell wiring. Although it takes a little more work than simply plugging in a device or recharging a battery, it is worthwhile.

3. Step 3 is Wi-Fi-enable your Arlo camera.

Step 3 in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras is to connect Wifi. Once your camera is powered on, connect it to your Wi-Fi network by following the Arlo app’s instructions. The software will generate a QR code that the camera may use to scan when you enter the name and password for your wifi network. After scanning the code, wait for the camera to chime. Be advised that 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks do not support Arlo cameras. Instead, a 2.4 GHz network is required.

How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras

Instead of using your home wireless network, you can connect your Arlo camera directly to an Arlo base station if you already have one. Additionally, this makes it possible for local video storage, saving you money on cloud storage plans. A base station is not necessary for the majority of modern Arlo cameras, although it is for versions like the Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Ultra 2.

4. Find a place to put your Arlo camera is Step 4 in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras

  • Select your mount.
Install your Arlo camera between six and seven feet above the surface. The ideal location for video recording and motion detection that is also reasonably accessible is this one.
  • Shelf
The only Arlo cameras that have built-in stands that function properly when placing the cameras on a shelf are the Arlo Essential Indoor and the Arlo Q (its predecessor). While the majority of other Arlo cameras can sit on a shelf, without a mount, you won’t have many options for pointing them in the direction of the action.
How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras
  • Indoor wall mounting for Arlo Essential

The stand for the Arlo Essential Indoor doubles as a wall mount. Use the camera’s included mounting kit.

  • Mount a magnet

Any camera from the Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro line can be mounted magnetically. Using a single screw, a drywall anchor, and a plastic stopper that hooks into the back, this mount is fastened to the wall.

  • Mounted outside

How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras

If you’re mounting a camera outdoors, choose one of Arlo’s outdoor mounts for greater security. These mounts fasten the camera in place with a screw. Compared to magnetic mounts, they are more difficult to remove from the wall. Using these mounts is also advised by Arlo if you need to put a camera higher than 6.5 feet.

5. Change the view on your Arlo camera.

Step five in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras is to adjust the camera. Despite the fact that the majority of Arlo cameras have a broad field of view to record a lot of activity, you may move the camera for a better perspective, resulting in more precise motion detection, notifications, and recording.

Camera placement

You may quickly and smoothly change the camera’s field of view using Arlo’s Camera Positioning feature. In order to reduce the amount of time you have to wait for the live view to update with your edits, this setting instructs the camera to broadcast footage fast (often at a lesser quality).

  1. Go to the Arlo app’s Settings section.
  2. Choose My Devices, then pick the camera you want to edit.
  3. Select Camera Positioning after choosing Device Utilities.
  4. While using the Arlo app, adjust the camera to make sure it sees everything you want it to.

Viewing area

How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras

Some Arlo cameras, like the Arlo Pro 4, allow you to adjust the field of vision or how big the area in front of the camera is. Generally speaking, you want an outdoor view that is more expansive and unobstructed by walls. To minimize video bandwidth, use a tighter perspective indoors where it is unnecessary to capture broader than your walls allow.
  1. Go to the Arlo app’s Settings section.
  2. Choose My Devices, then pick the camera you want to edit.
  3. After selecting Video Settings, select Video Mode.
  4. Choose a mode that complements the environment around your camera.

Zone of motion

Motion zones instruct Arlo security cameras on what to record and what to skip. Motion zones are used by Arlo in two different ways: passively and flexibly.
  • Zones of passive motion

Many Arlo cameras come with a motion sensor that by default has two zones. Two-thirds of the video is occupied by the bottom zone, which is more sensitive, while the top zone, which is smaller, is less sensitive overall. The top zone appears in the camera positioning menu as a greyed-out area.
You can reduce the number of times passing vehicles trigger the sensor by mounting the camera so that the top third of the image captures the street. Both a continuous power supply and an Arlo Secure cloud subscription are not necessary for this configuration to function.
  • Flexible motion zones

You can set up personalized motion zones that capture activity in those regions if you purchase an Arlo Secure Plan and plug your camera into a power source. With only 6 steps below in order to How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras:
  1. Open the Arlo app and select the Settings option.
  2. Since changing the zones on a small smartphone screen can be challenging, think about logging in instead via a web browser.
  3. Choose My Devices, then pick the camera you want to edit.
  4. Define your Activity Zones.
  5. To add a zone, press the addition sign (+).
  6. Adapt the zone to a specific area (like a window or stairway).
  7. Please give the area a name for future use.

6. Test the motion detection on your Arlo camera.

est the motion detection on your Arlo camera.

In the last step in How To Set Up Arlo Security Cameras, we check the motion detection. Arlo cameras only use motion detection to determine when to begin a video clip. Using the Arlo app, you may evaluate the motion detection’s efficacy and modify its sensitivity.

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