How To Fix Truedepth Camera On iPhone? Explored Our 5 Best Ways

Some iPhone and iPad customers claim that a TrueDepth camera issue is the source of Face ID not working for them, and they receive an error message that reads, “A problem was discovered with the TrueDepth camera.” The notice “Face ID has been disabled” may also appear when you try to activate Face ID on your iPhone or iPad. So How To Fix Truedepth Camera?

This is a significant issue. The TrueDepth camera is not functioning as intended owing to an unidentified issue, as the error message implies, and this is leading Face ID to stop functioning as well. Face ID cannot be used to login into apps, validate purchases, or unlock your iPhone or iPad. You can try some of the advice for How To Fix Truedepth Camera.

Why Doesn’t My Truedepth Camera Work?

The “Truedepth camera not working iPhone XR/11/12/13” issue may be caused by a number of different things, however, the following are the most frequent ones.

  • The problem can be brought on by your iPhone’s camera case covering your camera.
  • Your face may be blocked on your iPhone if you are wearing a mask when using your Face ID to unlock it.
  • This problem could potentially be primarily caused by a soft problem.

How To Fix Truedepth Camera On iPhone?

Step 1: Update

Make sure the newest version of your iPhone or iPad is installed. To upgrade your device, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

Updates might solve your problem. If you’re having a software problem, an update might be able to help. If you follow the news, for instance, you might recall that Face ID was initially intended to stop functioning on the iPhone 13 if the display was changed by a third-party repair company. since Apple prohibited DIY screen replacement for the iPhone 13 The most recent iteration of iOS 15, nevertheless, later removed this restriction. As a result, I urge you to upgrade your device, especially if you are experiencing this problem after having your device’s screen changed.

Step 2: Restart Your Device

How To Fix Truedepth Camera

Reboot your iPad or iPhone. This could solve the problem. Take these actions:

When the “power-off” slider displays, press and hold the volume up or down button along with the side button (or top button if the device is an iPad). Slider: Move it to the right. To make sure your device is off, wait 30 seconds. When the Apple logo appears, press and hold the side button one more.
Do you still receive the Face ID – TrueDepth Camera error notice after restarting your device? If so, move on to the next step on How To Fix Truedepth Camera.

Step 3: Keep your TrueDepth camera clean.

Make sure nothing is in the way of your camera. Verify that the camera part is free from obstructions and is clean. Make sure the lens and sensor array aren’t covered, too. What you can do is as follows:

Remove the case from your iPhone or iPad before trying again. The TrueDepth camera might be covered by your case. Clean the various components that make up your TrueDepth camera using a microfiber cloth (see the image below). The TrueDepth camera system replaces the front-facing camera on supported Apple iPhone and iPad devices, placing it above the iPhone display. A dot, cameras, and sensors make up the TruDepth camera. If you notice dirt, carefully clean the area surrounding your device’s front camera. Make sure the Face ID sensor is spotless.

How To Fix Truedepth Camera

Step 4: Use iTunes to restore your iPhone

Consider using iTunes to restore your iPhone. In the event that the issue is software-related, restoring your device should solve it. Not using the backup option when recovering your smartphone was advised by some users. Your backup may occasionally become corrupt. The issue won’t go away if you restore your device using damaged backup data.

Without a backup, try resetting your iPhone to factory settings. If the problem continues, your hardware is probably to blame. Rest assured that you can always utilize the backup to restore your data if starting up your iPhone as new doesn’t fix the issue. According to Apple, iOS may immediately shut the TrueDepth camera if your iPhone has a problem for security reasons. You can still use your smartphone, of course. You can still use your passcode, it’s just possible that you won’t be able to utilize Face ID.

The bad news is that occasionally your iPhone might not be able to recognize your passcode. The only thing left to do if you’re locked out is to visit the closest Apple Store or approved repair facility.

Step 5: Go to Apple Store

Make a Genius Bar appointment if you believe broken hardware is the root of the TrueDepth camera issue. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved by Apple’s knowledgeable engineers.

Many consumers opted to continue using the trusted passcode rather than shell out hundreds of dollars for a new device. They criticized Apple’s solution and called it an upselling tactic. If the Genius Bar employee indicated you needed a new phone on How To Fix Truedepth Camera

Step 6: Hardware

How To Fix Truedepth Camera

Are you still experiencing this problem after attempting everything above? Due to a hardware issue, the TrueDepth camera might not function properly (and Face ID will be disabled). If the aforementioned measures are unsuccessful, a qualified expert can repair them. You might be entitled to a free repair if your equipment is still covered under warranty. You should schedule a Genius Bar session, in my opinion. This enables Apple to examine your device. This is also the last thing you need to do on How To Fix Truedepth Camera.


Reset Face ID, turn on Airplane Mode, and configure Face ID in Airplane Mode if your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera stops functioning and you are unable to utilize Face ID any longer. Reset the settings on your iPhone and restore it using iTunes. Schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar if nothing is working.

Have you discovered any further solutions on How To Fix Truedepth Camera? Please leave your thoughts in the section below. Your suggestions might come in handy for a lot of other iPhone users who are having the same issue.




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