How To Fix Blurry Camera? Here’s 6 Simple Ways To Fix

How To Fix Blurry Camera? A Simple Solution: Have you ever opened your camera app and noticed that all the people and things were blurry? What is more detrimental than that? Clicking a picture that was perfect, but when you looked at it, it was blurry. That is what occurred to me, wow. And if you’re wondering, “Why is your camera blurry?” OR My phone’s camera is shaky. How To Fix Blurry Camera?

I now know How To Fix Blurry Camera. I have 6 simple procedures you can use to resolve the camera blur problem. And I promise that if you follow all six procedures, you will be able to take flawless photos (free of camera blur) or photos that are superior to fuzzy ones. These instructions can be used for the front camera as well as the rear camera on both sides of the camera. Let’s get started!

How To Fix Blurry Camera?

I’m going to walk you through six methods in this video that you may use to solve any camera-related issues that are causing blur. to take flawless shots or blur-free pictures.

1. Try using a special cleaner to clean the lens!

Many individuals clean the camera lenses on their smartphones, yet the majority of them are unable to take flawless images after doing so. What options do you have here? So, first things first, you’ll need toothpaste and cotton balls. Any toothpaste will do; it makes no difference. After gathering all necessary materials:

How To Fix Blurry Camera

  • Put some toothpaste on the cotton balls, then begin gently rubbing them over the camera lens.
  • Take another cotton ball and dip it into some water a few minutes later, being careful not to totally drench the cotton.
  • To remove all of the toothpaste, begin rubbing the moist cotton ball on the camera lens.

After completing all the steps, try taking a picture; hopefully, it will work on most devices. However, remember to read the additional steps to properly resolve the issue.

2. Disable Automatic Focus

Many smartphones come with an autofocus default setting that is constantly on, even when you don’t need it. Simply turn off autofocus in the settings. Here are the procedures to do so: This may be the problem causing the front camera blur or the back camera blur.

How To Fix Blurry Camera

  • Open the Camera app, then long-tap the item you want to focus on.
  • The autofocus will be locked after a brief period.
  • You can now capture pictures without using autofocus.

Let’s move on to the third technique for How To Fix Blurry Camera now.

3. Alternate the in-camera setting

We all alter the factory default settings to suit our needs, but occasionally doing so may result in blurry images from your camera lens. If you haven’t updated your camera settings yet, you must do so in order to fix the issue with the indistinct photographs. Follow the steps below to return the camera’s settings to their defaults.

  • Open the default camera app first.
  • Access the settings Now, descend to the bottom. Hit the Restore default settings button.

Even on Samsung and Realme handsets, the camera blur problem can be resolved in many phones by resetting the camera settings. This means that you must do this if you own a Samsung device and are experiencing camera blur.

4. Download an outside camera application.

If you have already completed the aforementioned steps, a third-party camera app is still required. Why do I require an outside camera app? You need a camera app that you can download from the Google Play Store because the default camera app that is pre-installed by the firm itself occasionally has a glitch.

5. Remove the Case on your smartphone.

How To Fix Blurry Camera

Who uses smartphone covers these days? Personally, I use cellphone covers, and I have no doubt that you do as well. Our devices are protected by mobile cases. They shield the body and screens of our smartphones. How do smartphone coverings affect camera fuzziness? In many circumstances, if you have a smartphone case, this might be the issue because most mobile cases have a bump above the camera and occasionally cover the camera (even just a small bit or with a flash-filled cover). It’s also possible that the case wasn’t made properly or that it’s a defective item.

Try removing your phone’s cover whenever you are taking images to help fix camera blurring. The best way to for How To Fix Blurry Camera is to take pictures first, then remove your phone’s cover.

6. Lens Dust on Camera

How To Fix Blurry Camera

If the dust on the camera mirror or inside the lens has disappeared, you should visit a nearby mobile repair shop. Many individuals attempt to do it themselves, but I strongly advise against it if you want decent results. Instead, show your phone to a professional.

Why is Your Camera Taking Blurry Photos?

The camera’s blurring could be caused by a variety of factors. However, your cellphone camera’s blur troubles are primarily caused by six factors.

  • The smartphone’s camera is hazy because of the presence of dust and standing water. When using your phone, there is a good risk that the camera will be blurry since you might have accidentally touched the glass and left behind fingerprints or other debris like grease or oil.
  • The camera becomes blurry because the sensor’s glass is scratched. It may also be the result of a scratched camera if you believe that the quality of the images is too low and is not guaranteed in comparison to the phone’s original capabilities. This thus has a significant impact on how the camera operates. The camera assembly may have mistakenly been put on a rough surface without your knowledge, and you may have then accidentally dragged the smartphone, scratching the glass.

How To Fix Blurry Camera

  • Defective software: This is a pretty uncommon mistake for phones, when the camera is grainy or not functioning as smoothly as you would want because the operating system or programs have not been updated.
  • When shooting pictures, the user’s handshakes. Accidentally shaking your hand while taking images will interfere with the focusing mechanism and, of course, blur the image quality. Therefore, to prevent shaking while focusing, keep your arms close to your body when shooting images. Additionally, if you enjoy taking photos and videos, you should buy a tripod or gimbal to obtain the shots you want and avoid camera shake.
  • A hardware issue with the camera causes hazy images when taking pictures. There’s a good likelihood that the optical sensor in the sensors is to blame if you’ve attempted all four of the aforementioned fixes and your phone’s camera is still blurry. The sensors inside the gadget could become damaged and lose their ability to perform as intended if you unintentionally dropped or struck it hard while it was in use.


Those are some of the causes and ways for How To Fix Blurry Camera on the phone that I bring to you. Hope you are successful. Thank you for reading our article!

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