How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi? With 10 Simple Steps

Did you know that “security cameras” can be installed in your house? without investing in a camera? I realize it might sound a little absurd. But due to IT wizards. Your outdated mobile device can suddenly serve as a home security camera. Do you wanna know how? Consequently, keep reading to learn How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi with only 10 simple steps

How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi?

Step 1: Check to see if your phone has enough battery life.

You’re turning your phone into a CCTV camera, so. You must make sure the battery is charged. Your CCTV footage will be interrupted if you don’t. Knowing that a camera app uses a lot of power when running for several hours makes this crucial. So, before starting the process, make sure your device is fully charged.

Advice: Join your phone to a power supply. You won’t need to recharge it every day if you do it that way. And be concerned that it will run out of power while you are gone from home.

Step 2: Your phone’s mobile hotspot should be turned ON.

How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi

Okay, so our aim is to link your CCTV equipment without the use of the internet. And you may accomplish that by using a mobile hotspot to couple your devices. Consequently, the following step is to turn on your device’s mobile hotspot. Here’s How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi:

Note: Depending on the make and model of your phone, the precise instructions may differ significantly.

  • Activate your phone.
  • Click on settings.
  • Then, choose “Mobile Network.”
  • Choose “Personal Hotspot” or something like that.
  • After that, turn the hotspot button ON.
  • The hotspot icon should then appear on the notification banner of your device. It resembles a WiFi icon, except it has a rounded shape instead.

Step 3: Install the IP Webcam application on it

Important information: Only Android-powered smartphones can use this software. A free app called IP Webcam enables users to use their mobile devices as CCTV cameras. You grant the app access to your phone’s camera and recorder when you install it. In order for the app to work as a CCTV camera, these are required. “Can I switch to another app?” You may. But keep in mind that the majority of app store CCTV camera apps need a WiFi connection. So utilize the IP Webcam app if you want a wireless setup that is hassle-free.

Step 4 Modify the app’s video settings.

The software will display numerous settings when you first use it. Go to “Connection settings” if you want to protect your footage. Create a password for local broadcasting after that. And if you wish to store your files on cloud storage, register for an Ivideon account. Then, proceed to the “IP Webcam settings” to make any camera adjustments. The following are the most crucial things you should configure:

  • Video quality.
  • Photo quality.
  • Orientation for video.
  • Video type (for recording).
  • Set your video resolution to 23361080 for the highest quality. The maximum resolution that enables camera switching is attained at this level. Additionally, aim for a photo resolution of at least 1920 x 1080.

Step 5: Next, select “Start Server.”

How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi

Go to the bottom of the app’s homepage and scroll down after configuring your chosen setting. Click “Start Server” after that. This will launch the camera app on your phone. You can access more settings in the top-right corner, such as:

  • Stop halts the application’s operation.
  • The app is disguised by being presented as a web browser.
  • To save energy, fade: turn off the screen’s display.
  • Toggle LED: activates the camera’s flash as a source of light.

Step 6: Take note of the IP address shown on the camera app.

A list of numbers can be seen at the bottom of the same page. These are the IP addresses of your smartphone. Please take note that your device can display both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address. But keep in mind that you just need the IPv4 website address for this procedure. (The condensed one) Therefore, be sure to duplicate that. It should be written down on paper. You may also send it to any of your accounts by copying it to your clipboard. For that:

  • First, select “Actions…” by tapping the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Find “Share IP” and click it.
  • After that, decide where to send it.

Step 7: Sync your smartphone with your viewing device.

Use a hotspot to connect a mobile device to a viewing device. Next, use a hotspot to link your mobile device to the other device where you wish to see your film. A laptop, tablet, smartphone, or personal computer can all be used as a viewing device. This is How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi:

  • Navigate to the WiFi settings on the viewing device.
  • Look for the name of your mobile device’s hotspot under “Available networks.”
  • After giving it one tap, select “Connect.”

Step 8:Install the VLC Player on your television.

How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi

Now, watch the live video on your phone. On your viewing platform, download the VLC player. Why must it be a VLC Player, you ask? Simply because offline streaming is possible with a VLC player. allowing you to monitor your mobile CCTV camera without an internet connection. It’s also free and works with the majority of devices. Additionally, you may get it for Windows and Android devices.

Step 9: Select “Open Network Stream” from the options.

Once VLC Player is set up on your media player, then. Playback the video from your mobile security camera. Here’s How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi:

  • Launch VLC media player.
  • In the top left corner, select “Media.”
  • Select “Open Network Stream” next.
  • A pop-up window will show up. Ensure that the “Network” tab is visible.

Step 10: Type the IP address shown on the application.

Recall the IP address you previously copied. Here is how you would apply it. You’ll see a URL tab on the pop-up screen. Enter the IP address of your mobile CCTV camera after giving it one tap. Ensure that the “http://” is present at the start. Type “/video” after the last digit once you’ve pasted it. Otherwise, a message will be displayed by the VLC player. As a result, you won’t be able to view the video on your phone. The last step is to click “Play”. You’re done now! You’ve now used your smartphone as a CCTV camera with success.


Our guide about How To Connect Camera To Phone Without Wifi above with 11 simple steps is done. I hope it is useful for you. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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