How To Be Funny To A Girl- 7 Proven Ways

An excellent method to establish a relationship with a female is to make her laugh. You can tell she’s having a good time if she’s grinning and laughing. You have a ton of possibilities if you’re unsure of How To Be Funny To A Girl. Amass a stockpile of amusing tales and pithy one-liners, and don’t be afraid to occasionally act silly. Get a sense of what she finds humorous and adjust your humor accordingly. Send her a couple of funny texts when you’re not with her to make her laugh!

How To Be Funny To A Girl? Let’s explored our 7 ways to make a girl laugh:

1. Laughing a lot in a conversation

The first way on How To Be Funny To A Girl is that amass a library of amusing tales. Although you don’t want your funny anecdotes to come off as too scripted, it’s a good idea to have a stockpile of jokes on hand that you can use when the occasion arises. Unless you know the girl well, stick to talking about general, lighthearted things and try to stay away from nasty or intimate anecdotes. Just because your buddies find it funny doesn’t imply she will, so keep that in mind!


Consider a funny incident that has occurred to you in the past, such as the day you put your shirt outside out for a photo at school. You certainly have some humorous pet stories to offer if you have a pet! Keep things fresh by visiting a few amusing websites, such as The Onion, and drawing from them when you need ideas.

2. Learn a few funny one-liners.

One-liners can be fantastic when you want to be foolish, but they are not the best when you want to demonstrate your sharp wit. More corny is better! You can either make them about her or choose a more all-encompassing subject. But stay away from embarrassing one-liners with sexual overtones. Contrary to popular assumption, girls don’t find such amusing at all; in fact, you might even frighten her. Here are some amusing one-liners you can use:

“Did you connect my shoelaces? Because you have me in a trance, girl!”
“Your face displays something lovely. Oh, that’s just you, I see.”
“I once lost to a computer in chess, but it couldn’t compete with me in kickboxing!”

3. Play to your strengths by developing your own sense of comedy.


Consider the things you frequently say or do that make your friends laugh, especially your female friends. Consider pursuing physical humor if you excel at it. Try those if you’re an expert at impersonation and mimicry. Try a few snappy retorts in front of her if that’s your thing. Just make sure they are jovial and not evil!
Ask your friends for advice if you are unsure of your strengths.

4. Understand How To Be Funny To A Girl.

Don’t go overboard with the self-pity, but pointing out some ridiculous things about yourself could make her laugh. Draw inspiration from your own life or develop the ability to make fun of yourself when necessary. Say, “Well, there goes my ambition of being a runway model,” for instance, if you trip over something when you’re walking with her. This lightens the atmosphere and demonstrates to her that you are carefree and confident in yourself.

Try not to rely too heavily on this strategy because it can eventually become awkward or just plain unfunny. An occasional, tasteful joke at your expense, though, can be priceless.
You can expect your comedy to occasionally fall flat. In these situations, make another joke using the terrible one to restart the conversation. I am sure that this is an efficient way of How To Be Funny To A Girl

5. Make humorous remarks about our previous discussions or interactions with her.


This can be as simple as saying, “Remember what happened last time in history course when…” and then using an excellent narrative to fill in the blanks. In addition to making her laugh, trying to make a clever statement based on anything she’s told you before would likely make her feel flattered.
If she said she loved fashion, for instance, ask her for input on an item of bad or stupid clothing you were going to be wearing for a future occasion.

6. Recognize the amusing meme’s potential


Even while memes aren’t always interesting, so How To Be Funny To A Girl? You’ve definitely seen the occasional gem of a joke. When you have finished, save the picture and text the girl with it. Although you won’t be able to hear her laugh, you’ll undoubtedly hear her say “LOL” loudly. Look for memes about that particular subject if you know she likes it.

You have a ton of possibilities if, for instance, she loves Game of Thrones! Find memes around those topics if she enjoys those things, like fashion or animals.
But don’t send her a ton of memes all the time. This may anger some people or seem just plain strange to others.

7. Snap a ridiculous selfie of yourself and add a hilarious Snapchat filter to it.

Even though this isn’t really a novel strategy, it can still be quite entertaining! There are many different filters available; browse them all and try a few. It’s highly likely that she will find it amusing if you find yourself giggling uncontrollably after generating one.
If she wants to continue the joke, she might even respond with one of her own!
You may also send her amusing pictures of you, such as ones of you as a baby.

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