Camera Canon Eos Rebel S- The Best Honest Review

I wish I could still suggest Canon EOS Rebel-series cameras to novice film shooters, such as the Camera Canon Eos Rebel S. I used to since they’re cheap, simple to use, and a lot of fun to shoot. Unfortunately, I’ve now purchased two properties in a succession with broken or malfunctioning shutters. I find that this is a typical issue with these cameras after asking some other film shooters.

I still advise getting a 35mm auto-everything SLR if you want to start shooting film. Simply select a reliable camera, such as the Canon EOS 630 or 650, the Nikon N60 or N65. Or, if you want to risk it all, look at all the cameras I’ve reviewed right here. You’ll undoubtedly find one that works for you. But here, we explored the Camera Canon Eos Rebel!

The Best Review About Camera Canon Eos Rebel S

1. Camera Canon Eos Rebel S Design

Camera Canon Eos Rebel S

The only thing that sets the Camera Canon Eos Rebel S apart from the Rebel I reviewed last year is its built-in flash (known as the EOS 1000F outside of North America). Everything else about these two SLR cameras is identical, including their hot shoe, which can sync up to 1/90 sec. with compatible flashes, and their vertically-traveling shutter, which functions between 30 and 1000 seconds. It is powered by a 2CR5 battery.

2. Its Main Features

When you put the film into these Rebels, which were released in 1991, the camera winds it all onto the takeup spool. The camera advances one frame into the film cartridge with each shutter release. Accordingly, the frame counter starts to count down. You will appreciate this function if you’ve ever opened an SLR without rewinding the film and yelled the expletives that invariably follow such foolishness.

Check out my reviews of the AL-1 (here), A2e (here), FT QL (here), T70 (here), and TLB if you’re into Canon SLRs (here.) Or simply visit this page to get a lengthy list of all the cameras I’ve examined. With my son at my side, I loaded up some Fujicolor 200 and installed my 35-80mm f/4-5.6 Canon EF lens. We then went to the Indiana State Fair. I turned the mode dial on the Rebel S to P so that it would select the exposure settings for me, and I started shooting wildly.

The Rebel S behaved flawlessly, and I had a nice time aside from longing for a larger, brighter viewfinder. It’s a real delight to use these cameras. Only nine of the 24 images on the roll were successful. The shutter did not open correctly, therefore the remaining were mostly or completely black. What a letdown.

You might possibly experiment with better EOS bodies. Even older bodies like the EOS 650 and EOS 630 bodies, which are durable but also bulkier, slower, and less enjoyable to use, are still available. Cheap as chips are these cameras. For about $13, I purchased this one from Used Photo Pro. Although it has a 180-day warranty, it doesn’t seem like the trouble to return it for $13 would be worthwhile.

Camera Canon Eos Rebel S

Additionally, the colors were inaccurate and the dark regions on the finalized photos were particularly dark. Photoshop enhanced the shadow detail in the hat image above but failed to accurately reproduce the colors of the inflatable cows below.

Camera Canon Eos Rebel S

You can choose the aperture-priority (Av), shutter-priority (Tv), or metered manual (M) settings if you prefer having control over your exposure. Additionally, there are modes that are purportedly enhanced for portraiture, landscapes, close-ups, and moving subjects. View the last few successful photos in my Camera Canon Eos Rebel S collection.

Check the shutter curtains of any inexpensive Rebel-series cameras for black gunk. Stay away if you notice gunk because that shutter is dead. It’s strange to me that, among metal, manual-focus SLRs, I’ve loved every Nikon I’ve ever used, but, with the exception of the T70, haven’t taken to the Canons. With the exception of my wonderful N90s, I prefer Canons far more than Nikons among plastic autofocus SLRs.

3. Films for the Camera Canon EOS Rebel S

What types of films do the Camera Canon Eos Rebel S require to capture images? There are 35mm films being utilized. Today, 35mm films are still made and are rather simple to obtain. The English company’s Ilford XP2 Super is one option for b/w photos. The Kodak Gold 200 could be a potential color film. The C-41 method is used to develop the color film. All photo laboratories that provide 35mm film development complete this development process.


Despite its low cost, the Camera Canon Eos Rebel S was a powerful camera. The hot shoe allowed for the attachment of advanced external flashes, while the top deck dial offered manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program, and Auto modes. sufficient for a flexible, top-notch digital SLR. Thank you for reading our Best review and I hope it is useful for you!

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